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of porridge, soup and noodle pots

The Tasty Pot Co is brand that gives consumers the opportunity to eat well on the move! Developed with the finest ingredients we have launched a range of Instant Porridge Pots which meet the changing demands of the modern consumer.

Our pots include an array of flavoured porridges, tasty pastas and a wide range of noodle pots. We are continually developing our range in line with market research.


We have developed four variants including Original, Blueberry, Golden Syrup & Cinnamon with additional variants such as Protein porridge soon to be released.

why choose Tasty Pot?

Exciting Flavours

Market leading flavour profiles developed with leading flavour houses.

Modern Packaging

Fresh designs have been produced to appeal to the consumer on the move.

Finest Ingredients

We work with the worlds largest supplier of oats to make sure we give the best quality in every pot.

Commercially effective

We have worked hard to ensure that our prices will work for you.

let's work together

Bring on the next challenge we’re waiting for you. Our array of versatile machines can mix, blend, bake, gas flush, flow-wrap and bag:- crisps, confectionary, cake mix, cereal, pasta and much much more.

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